upick kale

Today was a Hubby & Wife day… definitely love these days. With all the daily work stress and other unforeseen situations that take you away from your routine and happy place, a good hike and a good day for U-Pickem’s  truly brings you back at peace.

We ventured out on a great hike, met some amazing people and then went to pick some beautiful strawberries for our dessert tonight!

This is an awesome place to bring your kids and teach them about growing  vegetables, and some vegetables you can actually grow indoors. Create a little garden project and have fun! The next carrot you eat might be the one you have grown yourself.

Suggested Website: http://www.kidsgardening.org/


U Pick Broccoli at JG Ranch. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Check out some of these recipes

Check out JG Ranch
Open Thursday – Saturday
9am – 4pm

JG Ranch, 17200 Wison Rd.
Brooksville, FL