Hernando Audubon Society Trip Leader: Bev Hansen
held a Field Trip with Jim King, Hernando County Planning Department, March 11 at Peck Sink Preserve.

The field trip was a great hike. It’s a beautiful 112 acre of pure scenic nature. Bev Hansen, Hernando Audubon Trip Leader is wonderful and extremely knowledge about birds and mostly everything about nature!

The preserve is closed to the public. Upcoming Field trip schedules are located on the Hernando Audubon Society website.

What’s great about Peck Sink

  • Nature | Hiking | Walking | Birding | Photography | Native American History | Wildlife | Trees | Peaceful | Relaxing
Be Cautious of
  • Snakes | Insects | Poison Ivy | Rugged Terrain | Wildlife

Remember if you are out hiking be prepared. LINK

Hiking Books, Water, Long pants, GPS, cell phone charged, bug spray, first aid kit and have a hiking buddy.

Jim King, Hernando County Planning Department

Jim King is such a delight to be around. He has a true passion for these preserves to keep them protected and maintained.

There are times when he conducts Volunteer Work Days. This is such a great opportunity to help keep these preserves clean and beautiful. These places matter and with the volunteers and staff such as Jim King that work tirelessly to keep these places beautiful is the reason people visit Hernando County Parks and Preserves.

Although the Volunteer Work Days is over for this year, there maybe some days Mr. King would need a couple of extra helping hands to repair fences, remove invasive exotic plants and other projects.

For more information on how you can help visit: Hernando County’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL) Program

Thank you Mr. King for a wonderful and very educational Field Trip at Peck Sink Preserve!